Blog Post 1: My News Diet, or Lack there of

 If I was to describe my consumption of news, minimal would be the first word that comes to mind. It is not necessarily that I am completely oblivious to what is going on in the world, but I do not spend too much time looking past the headlines of news story. That may seem absurd being a student of journalism, but that is why I put the qualifier of “sports journalist” in my page title.

When I do get the news outside of the obvious sports news networks such as ESPN and Fox Sports, I tend to head to CNN or BBC. I like CNN because of my left-leaning political tendencies and BBC because it seems like the most neutral. Fox News just annoys me.

Another type of news that I consume on the regular regards film. I am huge into film and have spent countless hours watching and attempting to analyze movies. So websites such as IMdB, Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic and Aint It Cool News are frequented by me. If there is any news out there about future releases, the previous listed sites will have it, so I find them extremely useful.

Unfortunately, pretty much all of the news I discuss with my friends deals with sports and movies. It is on rare occasions that we talk about important news (or important things in general). What is funny is that the two conversations do not really overlap. I talk about sports with certain friends, and movies with others. I am not really sure there is significance to that fact, outside of people value certain things more than others, but that is a pretty obvious observation.

I think that it is obvious from what I have just revealed that my news diet needs a bit of a revamp. I think I need to starting reading print newspapers a bit more. Maybe the fact that I am physically holding something tangible will make me appreciate the news more. I also work at the school paper and do not even read that most of the time, so that is pretty rough on my part.

Blog post 1 is done. Yay for rhymes. 

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