Blog Post #5: I’m a photojournalist now


Backyard Badminton
Landon Dawson, a senior petroleum engineer student at UW, serves a shuttlecock in his backyard. He and his roommates were trying to get one last round of their favorite pastime in before the severe winter storm struck last week.


Manos de Bolivia
Manos de Bolivia director Mario Andrade looks on after finishing displaying hand-made mittens, sweaters and hats. The fair-trade program is designed to allow less fortunate Bolivians to become economically self-sufficient.


13 & Under
A young boy runs towards Huck Finn Pond at Laprele Park in Laramie early last week to do some fishing with his grandmother (not pictured). Huck Finn Pond allows free fishing to youths that are 13-years-old and under.


UW Job Fair
UW students gather at the UW Fall Job Fair in the UW Union Ballroom & Family Room on Tuesday, Oct. 8. The event, hosted by the Canter for Advising and Career Services, featured more than 90 companies of various professions searching for UW’s finest prospects.


Wrangling them in
Ethan Cahill, freshman microbiology major, practices roping a dummy steer in Prexy’s Pasture in preparation for the Homecoming Relay this weekend. The relay will also take place in Prexy’s and will consist of various Wyoming-themed challenges.



(Non-Sports Feature Photo) Manos de Boliva

I was walking around the UW Union Breezeway with my camera, because there are usually some interesting booths for RSO’s and other campus organizations. But I encountered a long table piled high with various winter clothes items. So I snapped a few photos from the angle in the picture. I thought that the individual lines created by the various colors of sweaters and hats allowed the eye to move easily to the subject of Mr. Andrade, and the wide aperture created some great depth in the background.

(Sports-related Photo) Backyard Badminton

I would see my neighbors playing badminton in their backyard from time to time on my walks home from class, and the day after this assignment was announced in class they were at it again. I wanted to do something a little different to try and create motion lines, so I shot from a high viewpoint looking down on the subject and used a slower shutter speed to blur the shuttlecock and the racket. The pink of the shuttlecock sticks out against brown of the fence well, which I think enhances the image. It is a little unusual as far as action shots go, but I wanted to experiment a bit.

(Optional Question #3) 13 & Under

This image was the definition of a lucky shot. At first I thought it was garbage because of all the distractions of park benches and gazebos and what not, but I figured I would talk to the subject (more specifically the subject’s grandmother) just in case I decided to use it. When I opened it up in Photoshop, I realized how dynamic it is. I had no idea that the signs for the name of the lake and the 13 & under fishing notice were visible, and how well the “distractions” actually framed the subject. And even though you cannot see the subjects face, his movement into the background provides a foreground-background relationship, which I thought was pretty cool.


I would say what surprised me were how willing people were to allow me to photograph them and give me information about themselves. I expected much more resistance than I received, with the only instance of uncertainty coming from the grandmother and grandson, but I would imagine that to be fairly normal considering a child was involved. I unfortunately “lost” about half of my material because I accidently shifted my camera settings from Manual to AV, which rendered a good portion of my shots useless. So I did the best with what I had, which turned out to be better than I expected originally.

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