Blog Post #6: Raw Audio File: Boyd Deuel’s Halloween Adventure


Recap of the Interview


My interviewing experience was a bit of a change from what I am used to when I interview coaches and players after UW sports games. I am much more used to interviewees who are short and succinct with their responses, mainly because the questions I ask lend themselves to those types of answers. But Boyd really wanted to talk, and I could tell he was excited about the story that he was telling. So I just went with it, and tried not to interrupt or add the dreaded “uh-huhs” that we spoke about in class. Knowing that I could not edit the audio for this assignment was different as well, but not an issue really.

I have been interviewed many times before, so being the interviewee was not really a problem. I will say that I am more used to talking about athletics (specifically soccer) as the interviewee, so talking in an audio interview format about my time abroad was a new experience. Also, knowing that the raw audio would be posted made myself think more about what words I chose to use, because, if only for this assignment, there would be no editing by the interviewer.

I am not sure if I learned anything specifically from this experience, but that is ok because I know I will be learning a lot for Blog Post #7. I have never edited audio in a program like Audacity before because I have worked so much in print, so I am excited to branch out and gain some new skills. But I am not kidding myself in thinking it will be an easy learning process. It will be hard.

I enjoyed that Boyd was so enthused and was not shy of the recorder, but I wish I would have been able to speak more. I know that audio storytelling is about the interviewee, but I find more enjoyment out of conversational interviews. They are lower key, and I think that at times the slightly more informal manner of the interview can reveal some information that the interviewee would be hesitant to reveal in a “professional” interview. This is not always true, but it has worked for me in the past.

Like I said previously, if I could have changed anything about the experience it would be that I could have been more engaging. I do not know if that would have been a good thing or not, but it is how I feel. I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to maneuver SoundCloud with relative ease, so that was a definite positive!

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