Blog Post #10: Thanksgiving Video Project (the finale)


My Reaction

My group for our final lab consisted of myself, Boyd Deuel and Miles Englehart, and we decided that we were going to do our video project on the UW Student Activities Council’s annual Thanksgiving dinner that took place the Wednesday before Thanksgiving break. Basically we just showed up to the event with our smartphones and recorded some interviews and B-roll and edited it all together, and Boyd’s connections with members of the Student Activities Council made the process of gathering all of our content a very easy one.

I think what stuck out to me as the most enjoyable part of experience was conducting the on-camera interviews that can be seen in the video. I quite enjoy interviewing people; it feels very natural to me. But I am used to transcribing my interviews from a voice recorder into a text format, which gives me a little more freedom as far as story structure. For these interviews I felt like I needed to have questions that guided the interviewees into answering in a certain structure so that a narrative could be formed in smooth transitions throughout. So that was a little bit of a new experience for me, but I think it was a valuable one.

I do not think there was part of this project that I did not enjoy. I did at first think that I would have to be either on camera doing interviews or have my voice used for narration, so I was not too excited about that. But that was not the case, so nothing really hampered my enjoyment.

The fact that I enjoyed the editing experience was a bit surprising to me. Boyd did most of the heavy lifting as far as editing because of his knowledge of IMovie, but the collaboration involved in creating a new story visually was rather fun and not nearly as tedious as Audacity. The only thing that I wish we could have done differently is spend some more time editing and practicing with our camera phones. But everyone’s schedule is tight at this time of the school year, so we made the best out of it.

This will be important to me in my future use of video storytelling because being able to work as a team on one project seems essential in this day and age.  Any experience working in a group on some sort of creative device like video will be a definite plus going forward in my career.




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